Creating his own wave of grunge, synth techno, future beats,  Thomas Gaudibert, or ‘Youritz’, is paving his own path. “Swell” is a recent track encompassing a new-age grunge vibe and deep 808’s. Youritz described “Swell” in the exclusive SWS interview stating, “I can’t really explain how things came, they came by themselves, but people use to say that some parts of songs that I do (like the beginning of swell or jinks represent hope) , but personally I’m just doing music because I love it , not absolutely to deliver a message or something :) but I finish every tracks on the day I begin them, so I don’t loose the feeling.” Youritz’ greatest musical influence is Flume, and his work space is similar to a live Flume set. Youritz explained, “I’ve got my launchpad, my apc40 (controller) and a mini-keyboard, arturia minilab :) , that way I can almost do everything I want. But I’ve taken the habit of playing only the bass synth  on the keyboard. My setup is actually a little bit like Flume live setup.” Collabing with Universal Music, he currently produces music for French TV series and movies. Youritz also has
a song (Floa) that is going to be released on a compilation this fall.
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