Every Wave Nite has been a hit but this one in particular we want to focus on because it helped kick-start the beginning of a fresh local venue. The Milk Parlor replaced what was once Sycamore Deli, a well-known music hot spot that hosted SWS Wave Nite events as well as other incredible events. Since the closing of Sycamore Deli a new, fresh energy has blossomed and the community has been nothing short of supportive.

Thank you to Michelle Berry, John Gaskins and the rest of The Milk Parlor crew for hosting yet another successful Wave Nite.

We want to thank everyone that came out to the event. You all are awesome and are the reason why we do what we do.

Here’s a brief photo recap and links to the artists who participated in Wave Nite V (Glazed, unfortunately, could not make the event):

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Love is the answer. Music is the anthem. Creating sounds for the ear to adhere.” -Kombuch


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Music is the rhythm of my energy, and love is the heart of my soul.” -Johanna


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