Walschlager drops a 3-track EP of heavy house jams on his latest, Get Right EP

   Walschlager is a rising star in the world of hard-hitting house music, and after his previous work with Coka Cobra on Turn It Up, he’s been cookin’ up new solo sounds on his latest EP, the Get Right EP. With features on FUXWITHIT with Come Correct, and on DIVERGENCE RECORDS with his Coka Cobra collaboration, Drop This, there’s no question that he’s on the come up in the dark house music scene. You can catch his latest EP right now down below and on Spotify.

“Globally the house music scene is such a wonderful environment for patrons everywhere. I really just wanted to bring that same feel to this project as we linger in such a stale reality. Whether it be at a festival, deep in the Afters, or bumping on your headphones, I want these records to be an internal escape into the world of house music.”
                                                                                                                                                            – Walschlager

   The Get Right EP pulls no punches from it’s first seconds, dropping directly into a bumping explosion of percussion, synths stabs, and a mesmerizing vocal chop loop. Get Right‘s backbone is in the drums, constantly rolling through the growling bass and shimmering risers, with a dark aura permeating throughout. Walk With Me continues the four-to-the-floor energy, with a building riser, generating tension as a robotic vocal chop repeats over the shaky synth blips. It twists and turns, with blown out bass drops and tactical hyper-compressed bass juxtaposed with clean n’ grizzly synth swells. Move Your Mind is an insane finale to the EP, with it’s funky soulful vocal loops and technical percussion, it’s a wild send-off to this collection of brute-force bass house tracks. If dark, bass heavy, dancefloor house music is your jam, don’t sleep on Walschlager. Be sure to keep up with ’em in the links down below and check out his collabs mentioned above!

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