New York based More Creativity Records released a banger track featuring San Jose producer by the name of Mike Maguire (a.k.a.Towers). Right off the bat, ‘Moon Base’ launches you into a journey filled with clanky, crunchy waves and wonky wubs almost simulating being launched through space. If there were ever a time you wanted to meet the unknown, this track will take you there.

For about three years Mike has been using Ableton to produce some killer, innovative sounds. We asked Towers in a brief SineWaveSurfers interview what his goal was for the track in which Mike stated,

The goal of this track was to make something with a dark and heavy vibe. The first drop comes in super aggressive then has a switch up. My intention was to make a switch up that was surprising but still kept the dark vibe.” 

Toronto based music blog, FUXWITHIT, had an awesome interview with Towers in which the artist stated some of his inspirations include G-Jones, Mr. Carmack, Tsuruda and more. FUXWITHIT described ‘Moon Base’ perfectly stating,

The track builds to a Transformers-esque sound effect before firing its massive bass cannon of hard trap into your speaker systems. After absolutely pummeling listeners, without giving the audience a chance to breathe, the track takes an unexpected turn, exchanging the harshness and primal feel of hard trap for tight, wiggly undulations.”

Read FUXWITHIT full write up here:

Dylan Evans (a.k.a. Lavier) from the Less Than Family music label based in Greensboro, NC did the artwork for this track. Shout out to Dylan!

Towers has an original track coming out with MorFlo Records dropping in May. Be on the look out!

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