The Funk Hunters and ESKEI88 team up on a festival sized bass groove, Hit Like ft. RUSUR

   Westwood Recordings is out here presenting a massive collab from one of the funkiest duos in modern electronica and a globally recognized champion turntablist, a dream team co-op that’s ripe for the festival stage. Check out these artists and their latest release down below!

   Nick Middleton & Duncan Smith are the dynamic duo behind The Funk Hunters. Both have been behind some of the wildest hybrid electronic funk tracks in existence, becoming one of the biggest names in scene. They’ve been cookin’ for the festival stage, and have a long list of collaborators backing them up like Big Gigantic, Gramatik, and now with the acclaimed ESKEI88!

“Our first ever collab with ESKEI83 and we couldn’t be more excited with how this turned out. RUSUR delivered amazing vocals too. Really hope we all get to play this out on a big festival stage soon as that’s what it was made for, feels like a summer bass banger!!!”
The Funk Hunters

   It’s not the first time we’ve featured the proficient producer/DJ double threat ESKEI88. Since his collaboration with BLVCK CROWZ on Taking It Higher, he’s been hard at work alchemizing the hardest festival beats, infusing his world-renowned turntablist skills and hip-hop flair into every track and collab.

“Super stoked to release this tune with The Funk Hunters & Rusur. It was all based on an ID I played in my DJ sets for a while but TFH took it to the next level! As soon as we had the instrumental ready, RUSUR came by the studio and recorded the vocals and ‘Hit Like’ was born”

   Worlds collide on this big bass alliance, from the festival-sized scope to the high energy vocal performance provided by RUSUR. Hit Like takes the best of both worlds, with a brass blitz that coats the low-ends and shimmering synths that sizzle and rattle the melodies. It builds ethereal lows and plunges into clattering percussion charged, headbanger bass-lines. The Funk Hunters and ESKEI88 crush it, creating the perfect blend of sound built for the festival stage. Check out these dope artists and follow their pages down below!

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