Westwood Recordings brings us a brand new remix record of all-star innovators, transforming the hit track Warn Ya by The Funk Hunters, Defunk, & Akylla

   The wonderful folks of Westwood Recordings have compiled a list of top-notch talent, each one flexing their creative muscles on the biggest collab of the season. With a huge cast of remixers, we catch a glimpse of the innovative energies that can morph from the core of a banger like Warn Ya. The original track by The Funk Hunters, Defunk, and Akylla evolves throughout this whole record, manifested from the incredibly creative ideations of Champagne Drip, CAZZTEK, CAPYAC, Jay Robinson, and Cōfresi. Check out each remix featured down below!

   First up is Champagne Drip, bass superstar known worldwide for his massive influence in the EDM, bass, and dubstep scenes with premieres among Wakaan, Mad Decent, Quality Good Records, and so much more brings forth a cataclysmic bass energy on on his interpretation. With immersive soundscapes, tense builds, and mind-bending bass sorcery, it’s the hardest mix of the bunch:

   CAZZTEK infuses his bass-house flair and unmistakable laser-light signature to Warn Ya, with huge thumping house-beats and screaming synth builds, big brass bass drops, and masterful sample cuts:

   CAPYAC‘s take is beautifully bright n’ bouncy, blending one part UK garage, one part disco, creating a fully enveloping sound that totally transforms the darker tones of the original:

   Cōfresi strips Warn Ya back to it’s core samples, then engages the hyperdrive; from a sparse soundscape to an absolutely huge, growling bass attack, injecting his experimental future bass perspective into the track:

   Jay Robinson plays it like a house production maestro, charging the track with dark bass elements, classic chugging drum beats, and shining splashes of keys, organ, and synth blaps:

   Show some love to these incredible remixers by checking out the links below for Westwood Recordings. If you like what you heard, give em’ a follow for more huge collaborations to come!

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