ThatOnePhoenix returns on the Growth Comp with an ethereal epic, Aurelios

   One of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog was for ThatOnePhoenix‘s EP.EXE, and damn what a journey it’s been. A lot of things have changed in the world throughout this last year of music-blogging, and it warms my heart to say that one of em’ is ThatOnePhoenix‘s growth and production trajectory. With a track [Heavy Strike] on Elixir of Life Vol. 1 through MDP Records, to an absolute banger Dark Cosmos featured on Rushdown Records, there’s been no indication they’re slowing down. Right now we’re proud to feature a brand new premiere from ThatOnePhoenix; check out Aurelius down below right now!

   What I love from ThatOnePhoenix is their ability to make synth stabs and sustained pads sound serenely vast. A grounded twinkling or finger-snap becoming enshrouded by a wispy shimmering, opening up into an explosion of expansive sound is what turns ThatOnePhoenix‘s music into a truly cinematic experience. And then sneaking in a perfect key-change like that?? Got damn. Show some love to ThatOnePhoenix over on our page, and give ’em a follow too. They’re makin’ big moves, so don’t miss out!

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