Night Swim Radio leads a massive crew of electronica powerhouses together on their latest collaborative effort, Music to Call Home Vol. IV. This 19-track compilation features tons of incredible artists, styles ranging from future beats/bass, lofi, trap, and so much more in an absolutely huge palette of electronica. Night Swim Radio plans to donate all proceeds from streaming/buying the comp towards Today’s Future Sound:

Through hands-on beat making and music production instruction, Today’s Future Sound creates an outlet for creativiy, personal expression, and critical thinking in education, mental health, juvenile, and veteran’s facilities. Learn more at

And that dude electrobro is featured! He’s contributed a bit-crushed banger, awash with chipped up synth blasts, a wildly intricate rhythm that’s blanketed in a glitched-out barrage of modified samples. A simultaneous warm melody and ice-cold, chop heavy blend that electrobro serves to perfection.

I feel remiss in not directly mentioning ALL these talented producers onboard the collab, so I implore that ya check out each individual track, stream it somewhere on repeat, or just drop a donation to if you can. Big shoutout to Night Swim Radio for this righteous cause, and for makin’ it all happen!

Wanna check out any of the mentioned artists, collectives, or tracks mentioned in this post? Just hover over any bold-text names to head to their page!

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DirtySnatcha – This Is Dubstep (Snakko Remix)

By |2019-02-05T07:04:27+00:00October 31st, 2018|Dubstep, Genre|

Snakko has recently caught the attention of Dubstephead's around the globe after placing first in the DirtySnatcha's 'This is America' remix contest. Raleigh NC's very own, Nick Miller aka Snakko, gave his own gritty twist to this nation wide anthem. Nick talked us through the process of producing this banger in the exclusive SWS interview, "Working


By |2018-09-21T07:12:04+00:00August 2nd, 2018|Dubstep, Genre|

Brazil born and raised Tony Pascon, has been producing for three years and reps Ableton Live 10. TJ Pa5con, is making waves as a 17 year old dubstep-future bass, producer. His style of sound is nothing short of grimey and hard hitting. Tony’s remix of 4B’s “Pop Dat”, is a party anthem track with gut

Badman – Waiting

By |2018-08-02T05:46:16+00:00August 2nd, 2018|Dubstep, Genre|

Phantom Flex & Techz, who together make the Dubstep duo, Badman, are bringing new heat to the Midwest. Representing Des Moines, IA, Badman’s newly released single from Rekondite label, titled “Waiting” is a head thrashing, wobble induced banger. Dubstep lovers have much to look forward to in the near future from this budding duo. Free


By |2018-08-02T05:40:49+00:00August 2nd, 2018|Dubstep, Genre|

Lousville, KY producer Shawn Walthall (known as Tantrum) paired up with Australia based producer, FLICK, to bring us the newly released single, “High Octane.” Sampling vocals from Migos, Lil Peep, and beloved Mario’s boo to bring us this absolute banger. “High Octane” is chalk full of heavy hitting snares and jaw dropping, grity bass lines.

Renegvde – Yokohama

By |2018-08-02T05:36:30+00:00August 2nd, 2018|Dubstep, Genre|

“Yokohama” is a recent single off renounced DirtySnatcha Promotions, from L.A based producer, Andrei Bjerke who goes by Renegvde. This track features a high energy intro build up, followed by a hard stabbing drops, anime clips, neat sword sound effects, and extra wavey synths. Andrei created a mob-pit worthy banger with, “Yokohama.” Free Stream “Yokohama”

Nost – Watch Me

By |2018-08-02T05:30:35+00:00August 2nd, 2018|Dubstep, Genre|

Yvan Desfrançais, better known as Nost, hails from Lyon, France and is proving himself to be a reputable force. His tracks are consistently rich in sound design, and demonstrate versatility. “Watch Me” is a newly released single from Nost that is a banger. Free Stream “Watch ME” below: Follow Nost

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