susperil – purine [Sine Wave Surfers Premiere // Growth Comp. I]

susperil makes their SWS debut with a taste of bubbly chaos bass on purine

   We’re heading toward the latter arc of the Growth Comp. I showcase, including the likes of Ilysian, Himmel, kayoti, Pirlew, and so many more talented artists. It’s been a journey, with contributing artists all injecting a unique sound into this collective portfolio. We’re not about to slow down now, especially with the latest drop from the divine sound-palette of susperil: check out their Sine Wave Surfers debut, purine, down below right now!

   This track is actually insane. Like, susperil, where have you been? I’m actually stunned by the heights that purine ascends to, layering a vibrant flurry of intricately modulated synth stabs with a song-structure that never repeats itself. It flips tempos, alludes to sound motifs throughout that bind the whole track together, while maintaining the loose future bass umbrella throughout the runtime.  The morphing synth leads, the expertly panned flourishes, good lord the bass, it all culminates into a virtuoso-esque composition of in your face electronica that’s unforgettable. I’m stunned, and I can’t get enough of it. Super proud to be able to showcase this expert work by susperil; check out this incredible artist’s page and follow them in the links below:

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