sultang and electrobro collaborate to create synth stuff, a resonant and adventurous electronic jam.

   Anyone in the scene knows Souletiquette as headquarters for creative headnod electronica, a stellar online radio show, and the home base of countless releases from up and coming artists for years. Hosting producer juggernauts like capshun, C Y G N, MORE//NIGHT, Jengi Beats, and so many more, there’s a spot of pride seeing sultang and electrobro (with Romaine) joining the roster of classic Souletiquette releases.

   synth stuff fits snugly into the Souletiquette repertoire with its pointedly curious synth gallery. The track is audaciously plucky and exudes blissful brightness as new layers of melody or percussion are added and taken away. The synth-fonts meander and levitate playfully as Romaine swoons vocal warmth into the track. It’s a flavorful tune that’ll twist your expectations and you can give it a listen right on Souletiquette‘s front page!

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