Subarctic and hypermetrik invoke a wistful and groovy vibe through a track brimming with creative sampling and instrumentation

     Southside is the latest Sine Wave Selection; a carefree, blissful sound that conveys nostalgic swooning at it’s finest. Blips and plucky “notifications” are sprinkled among the ethereal synth pads that immerse the song with a radiant glow. The track picks up with a soothing deep bass-line, and continues into trickling intricate instrumentation adorned with a glossy atmospheric touch.

Throughout Southside, a resonant acoustic guitar strums, bells twinkle, and towards the end there’s this incredible woodwind run concluding the track that just compels me to press the replay button. Hear it for yourself over on the Sine Wave Surfers Soundcloud page, and show some love to these incredible new artists.

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