Squired and Cerdin‘s electronic genre-fusion returns on Ad Infinitum, their latest evolving, explosive drum n’ bass track

   Squired and Cerdin reunite to bring us brand new collaborative bass gold, comin’ off of last month’s release, Proxy, which showcased the combined sound palette of these two electronic artists. Their respective influences of bright EDM and heavy bass music blend into a unique experimental, vigorous sound that shines through on their latest track, Ad Infinitum, which you can check out now down below. 

    “It’s always amazing to collaborate with somebody and have this kind of organic synergy regardless of where you are in the world. For my first show back after the pandemic I played on a boat with Juelz, Jawns, and Cerdin. It was the first time either of us had performed or even heard both of these tracks live. The fact that it was also the first time we got to meet in person and do that together was seriously one of the most special moments I’ve had in my career thus far.”               – Squired


Something about Squired’s sound design with the lead bass riff stood out to me as kind of this deep, smooth companion to the bold and brash energy of Proxy. I’m really pleased with how different they are fundamentally, but how similar they feel with the overall crossover between us. The writing sessions for Ad Infinitum felt so special because at this point we had established this wonderful friendship. It felt like this balance of where we’d grown together as musicians.”                          – Cerdin

   Squired and Cerdin‘s Ad Infinitum is a modern fusion of experimental bass music, popular EDM, and dense, brooding drum n’ bass, conveying a sort of dark energy through the track. With heavy emphasis on concussive percussion, sweeping risers and expert panning, they create an unmatched intensity in this latest soundscape. Ad Infinitum builds and evolves, leading to a percussive switch-up that keeps the track rhythmically diverse while maintaining the hyper-focused energy until it’s final seconds. It’s a banger, and considering that it’s only the second time Squired and Cerdin have come together to collaborate, it’s amazing to hear the synergy they’ve developed in such a short time. Check the links down below to follow both of ’em and keep up with whatever they may cook up next!

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