Flow Fi Record’s very own, Maximus MMC, has been pushing out hits for over 7 years and is an Ableton Vet. Originally from Paris, now residing in Hong Kong, Maximus is an artist on the move. He’s recently finished his first Australian tour with veteran producer Aywy, and shows no signs of slowing down. Maximus prefers not to categorize his sound, and describes his music as a ride, “Allowing the listener to travel to places and become inspired in their daily life.” Maximus does just that. His tunes will take you take you on a journey all over the world with samples of Middle Eastern, Indian instruments and harmonies, as well as, rap infused vocals. This talented producer has a natural propensity for composing seamless build ups and transitions. For future endeavors, Maximus has mentioned that he would like to take advantage of his own vocal abilities and sing on tracks. Whatever style of music Maximus decides on, will surely mean more ‘enticing content for his growing fan base.

Free Stream and Download Maximus MMC’s featured tracks below:


“Switching Lanes” is a masterpiece of Bollywood style Indian vocals, and hard hitting drops. Maximus and Tilka create suspense and energy with an elongated transition which flows into a head nodding rap verse and smooth bass drop.  For this song Maximus stated that, “The 2nd drop, lyrics were actually recorded by a LA-based rapper called V3RB that was supposed to be on one of the track ‘Sorry’. We thought it wasn’t really suiting the track so we scrapped it and used some parts of his verse for “Switching Lanes.”


Maximus took his sneakerhead frustrations of missing out on the new Yeezy’s, and created a smooth hitting banger. This track features’ funky harmonies, eclectic keyboard notes, and heavy snares. For fellow producer’s, the snares are from Ekali’s free drum kit found here https://exit.sc/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.flstudiomusic.com%2F2015%2F06%2Fekali-releases-ekali-collection-free-sample-pack.html.


“Breezin” is a groovy, well composed track from Paris native, Maximus MMC. When asked about the process of making this tune, Maximus commented, “I had this amazing sample from George Benson that got me inspired and I decided to add a bit of my twist to it. I made this right after a break I took in music and it felt quite good to be back at it.”