“Dirt” is a newly released single on Trap Party from Matthew Hood, better known as HighZombie. Matt is affiliated with Amsterdam’s premier EDM label, ZenSupremacy along with multiple other OG labels. This talented producer has a concrete track record of consistently delivering hard hitting, stadium style trap bangers. High Zombie’e sound is full bodied and heavy, centered around gut-punching 808’s and snares that slap. Joining in on the track, San Fran-based future-beats producer Soulecist and producer/rapper, Blvkstn, brought their own style to “Dirt”. Matthew commented in the SWS exclusive interview, “Soulecist originally hmu and had half of the initial concept done, so I was like, Let me hop on this. I made it more wicked using a Vocoder as the synth and went for an old school What So Not vibe.”  This one is definitely a summer anthem to bump.

Free Stream “Dirt” below: