soulecist orchestrates a silky future-beat/neo-soul blend, with smooth, moody production complemented by an immaculate vocal performance from Mel.

     It’s evident throughout this EP that soulecist poured a whole lot of heart into the latest release, things I wish I said but didnt. With a tight 3-tracks of blooming electronica love-songs, I Wish, Home, and Long Ride, pull your heartstrings with a gorgeous crooning of love lost, channeling the torment of regret into treading piano melodies and radiant singing that’s still so soulfully bright.

soulecist breaks down the drive to produce this EP and emotional crux of it’s content:

   3 years ago, this girl had written a poem about me and I’ve honestly thought about it almost every day since. In the poem, she asks me what would happen if we ever saw each other again face to face, what would I think of her, what would I say, what would I be able to see, what I would be able to hear from her even with closed lips.

   I never was able to respond to this and at the time, it didn’t seem like an appropriate thing for me to saw what I did or didn’t feel.

   This album is the closest thing to a response I can give.

   things i wish i said but didnt is an incredibly passionate collaborative assortment of synth-driven neo-soul. soulecist and Mel‘s team up on this EP showcase some of the best electronica-tinged future-RnB styling’s on the internet since Urban Flora, and we can’t wait to hear more.

   Be on the lookout for soulecist on the Sine Wave Surfers channels in the near future, as we’ve got some big plans forthcoming!

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