sebjin‘s latest track, Show, is a dynamic display of electronic genre maximalism, premiering on FUXWITHIT‘s new label

   I discovered sebjin about a year back when he dropped VOID in collaboration with Chromonicci, an absolute banger of a track that’s a grab-bag of the most interesting parts of future beats and experimental bass with song structure that does away with the constraints of intro-verse-chorus-etc. The Montreal based producer is a pioneer of this lawless sound structuring that’s made his signature bass bounce so enticing to me and many others including Quality Good Records and Bassrush where’s he dropped exclusive tracks. He’s been landing digital shows left and right with Audius, Wormhole Wednesday, Brownies & Lemonade, as well as collaborated with High Klassified on Fool’s Gold Records, followed by his official remix for UZ & HUCCI‘s track Awakening. sebjin‘s latest track is his FUXWITHIT debut with Show, which you can catch right now down below!

     “I want the listener to have the feeling of listening to several songs in one, to know that a song doesn’t have a well-defined genre to exist. I wanted to create a piece that gives the impression of living a real show in terms of musicality, sensations, and atmosphere. As if we were watching the major episode of a series, where everything completely changed. Which ultimately forces the characters to make a fatal decision that will change them.                – sebjin

   Show is a journey, twisting and transforming from one frenzied explosion of bass to the next before dipping into a melodic ensemble of jazzy warmth. It’s what I love about sebjin‘s sound since I discovered the frenetic multitude of genre-mutations that define his musical palette. With crushing bass that contrasts subterranean low-ends and hyper chippy high-end arpeggios, he sets the scene to ultimately subvert your experience with Show. The evolution into a glowing set of piano melodies and warm, hearty bass isn’t gradual, but is incredibly welcome. In one breath, we’re at breakneck speed and heft, in the next, we’ve mellowed out as the odyssey tempers to a comfortable cruise. If you ain’t heard it yet, give it a listen and I promise you’ll be hooked on what sebjin does best. Hit up the links down below to keep up with him and the fine folks at FUXWITHIT for more underground-defining sounds!

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