Introducing: Sarah, the Illstrumentalist!

Sarah, the Illstrumentalist is extraordinarily skillful at creating tasty beats and instrumentals that leave the listener satisfied, yet hungry for more!

Sarah has been exponentially growing as an artist by staying committed to perfecting her craft while consistently publishing content.

Originally based out of Raleigh North Carolina, Sarah has been giving back to her own local scene since day one. Speaking more to the latter, a notable event Sarah has participated in is the Bull City Records, Blindfolded, Record Pickin, Beat Makin’ challenge! Hosted by Raund Haus.

We shine our spotlight on her today to spread awareness of her music and last month’s release of “Home By 11pm”

“Home By 11pm” is chock full of out of this world textures and rhythms. Each track places the listener into a detailed room of sound created masterfully by Sarah. These beats are not only certified bops, they will slap you into next year where we expect Sarah, the Illstrumentalist to carve out her place in the world wide beat scene.

Now do yourself a favor and keep an eye on her as we are forecasting incredible things to come out of Sarah, the Illstrumentalist’s beat lab.

Below you can find all of her channels for dishing out piping hot content.  

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