Racking up an impressive half a million plays on Soundcloud, “So I’m Gone”, has solidified Ruchir Mohan, or ‘Ruchir’, as a formidable force. His sound is paving the way for ‘future bass’ producers around the globe, combing heavy hitting bass lines, wavey snyths, and super catchy vocals. Ruchir has teamed up with Cali OG producer, NGO and L.A vocalist, Croosh, to give us a hit. Ruchir commented in the exclusive SWS interview, I wanted to make something extremely cinematic and sexy that had a journey from the beginning to the end much like a movie. I draw a lot of my inspiration from the atmospheric nature of cinema, and love to tell a story through organic sounding intros and outros as well. In regards to the content of the song itself, the songs just about being super “over it” with someone. The idea of the song was supposed to capture not giving a fuck about drama potential partners or relationships in your life bring, because you have better things to do. Once again, Croosh completely hit the nail on the head with the song.” Ruchir hinted that his first EP might be in the works, and confirmed that fans can anticipate plenty of R&B cross over bangers in the near future.

Peep, “So I’m Gone” in the link below: