Catch the latest future beat off the forthcoming Growth Compilation I by Pirlew

   PS1 fka Pirlew is a Sine Wave staple, who’s been providing future beat fire to us for years now. They previously dropped Black Ice on the Vibes Compilation last year, and are back with a new sound, and new name. The latest by fka Pirlew is called Exsanguination off of the forthcoming  SWS comp, the Growth Compilation I.

   Exsanguination is a jam, short and sweet, brimming with glitzy synth-work on top of booming subs and expressive percussion. It’s wavy, reverb and delay soaked arpeggios are complemented by tight vocal samples, with wide and layered lead melodies. (fka) Pirlew‘s vibe-machine output shines on this latest addition to the comp, and they got plenty of new tracks over at their new profile down below.

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