Panteros666 – Time to Come with Us EP [CONFESSION premiere]

   Panteros666 drops a duo of masterclass future house tracks on Tchami‘s label, CONFESSION

   There’s a certain level of craft needed to turn long-form house music into something engaging, interesting, and more than just a four-to-the-floor beat. Folks like Tchami knew this when he developed a sound that garnered a massive following, and now he’s continuing on to curate through his label CONFESSION. Amassing artists that pull from the best of each styles of house from progressive to garage to future, the label has done fantastic work at promoting timeless electronica and upcoming producers like Panteros666, one of the creators of Club cheval. Check out hit latest EP, Time to Come with Us right now down below!

   The title track dives into a booming, soul-sample heavy house track, with a pounding kick n’ clap beat, laser-light synthesis, and vigorous energy. Time to Come with Us never lets up, introducing an infectious descending melody, hi-pass filters fine-tuned along lightning sample chops before smash-cutting into the bassline. The following track Eugenix tears into another collection of soul n’ hip hop samples and creative synth techniques, with masterful emphasis on vintage synth stabs, ethereal pads, straight up bonkers panning, and Roland 808 cowbell perfection OOF. Time to Come with Us is overall a love letter to the art of house music. It should absolutely put Panteros666 on your radar, as well as the good folks making a name on the CONFESSION label. Check the links out down below to keep up with Panteros666 and show ’em some love!

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