palpa showcases a groundbreaking exploration of bass synthesis and future trap on the hypernature EP over on DoYu Digital

It wasn’t too long ago that I discovered palpa in that dark, sludge slathered corner of Soundcloud trap music. palpa is in the need-to-know experimental abyss of percussive, low-end maximalists, and after this latest drop, they’re lined up for big things.

What palpa does is mesh the best of two worlds, real duality of man type shit. Hyper-melodic, soaring future bass, followed by percussion-heavy, cataclysmic trap music; They’re interwoven into something thoroughly unique, especially on this latest EP, hypernature. Check out the entire EP down below or with the good folks runnin’ the show at DoYu Digital.

   Out the gate, hypernature sets the scope and tone, with airy, ethereal atmosphere in the wake of a crushing sub bass under skittering trap snares on drive. The following tracks build on this outward in every direction, from the bright ambling vocal chops and subterranean filth of what is that? to the juxtaposition of jangly latin keys, echoing flutes, and zipping synth stabs of raptorex. palpa‘s element is that ice-cold shock of hyper-trap obliterating what you thought was the melody (just listen to indo blow). I can’t praise this breakout EP enough; go give palpa a listen over on DoYu Digital‘s page and check the links down below to hear the incredible talent that went into creating hypernature.

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