Hailing from Newfoundland, Damon Dooley, better known as ‘Ozone’, has recently dropped an ethereal banger titled, “Sweetescape.” This tune features lush aesthetics, with rolling hats and distorted vocals from Natashia Bedingfield’s 2008 hit, “Pocket Full of Sunshine.” Ozone commented in the SWS exclusive interview, ” I definitely wanted to do something more emotional and impactful, while retaining some elements of my harder trap influenced work. I guess at the end of the day I just wanted to hit people in their feelings more than anything!” Damon describes his sound as, “A blend of trap and wave, with influences of ambient, glitch and noise music scattered throughout.” Ozone has new content on the way with Wevlth, Vowl, Haven, Helix, and others that fans can look forward to.


Free Stream “Sweetescape” below:


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