Cool down, or feel the warmth with this track by onyx lofi & snoozze

   We’re all feelin’ some kind of way in these cruel winter months, but ice sun provides the kinda soothing sound that should let you unwind. It’s atmospheric and ethereal in all the right ways from the up n’ coming minds of onyx lofi & snoozze.

   It’s a short and sweet 2 minutes of dreamy, snowy bliss. With it’s restrained drum beat and fluttering synth cuts, just lay back and let it all wash over you. Ya can’t go wrong checking out onyx lofi while you’re at it, who’s dropping the perfect kind of peace we all deserve over on his soundcloud, while snoozze is dropping some groovy lofi cuts too. Give ’em a listen and you’ll get some guaranteed serenity.

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