Oldboy – Easy Way Out [Album Out Now]

   Oldboy comes through with hit after hit after hit on new album, Easy Way Out

   Oldboy is back again with more music gold after his recent collab with De’John Linward on the hip hop heavy mixtape, LINNYBOY. He’s built a catalog of top-notch beats full of swing, jazzy and soulful embellishments, and hard hittin’ drum sequences that defy expectations. When it comes to beat machines, composition, and samples cut to perfection, Oldboy is your man. The dude is an SP404 wizard; hear it for yourself down below, or even better –

   It’s a major flex to drop a sample of Dibiase saying verbatim –

“Oldboy… I like his chops man, and the bounce…”

[from the track Lovin’ You]

   – cut straight from the Koala vs SP404 beat battle where Oldboy won the round [on the Koala Beat Cast on Twitch.] The praise is more than deserved, especially on this 11-track record where each track breathes life into the art of beat making. From the clever interludes like on the opener Got a Match?, to the old school soul samples weaved seamlessly throughout, to the intricate use of effects and switch-ups like on the densely piano packed track, Opal. Overall, Easy Way Out conveys what Oldboy does best. Give it a listen, it’s hip hop beat perfection that fits any vibe and is a great place for you to get acquainted with Oldboy. Be sure to support and follow his links down below!

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