OLDBOY and De’John Linward assimilate to create a class-act hip hop mixtape, LINNYBOY

   This is one I’ve been counting down the days for, and it’s been worth the wait. Less Than Family recently dropped their February schedule and it’s given me time to soak in this latest mixtape by the time Lavier drops his next single. If you don’t yet know, OLDBOY and De’John Linward are two musical forces that revere the craft of classic hip-hop beat synthesis and rap repartee. Check out the whole album below on OLDBOY’s Soundcloud (but buy it on Bandcamp)!

   It’s 5-tracks of fast-paced, creative beat shifts and rap proficiency. Interspersed with short scene-setting clips, each track dives into sweeping jazzy backdrops, coursing with soulful boom-bap energy as De’John Linward spits poetic, coalescing into a full headnodding, stank-face experience. It’s content covers the art of storytelling, fake rappers, and ends on a powerful tale of money, struggle, the industry, and speaking out regardless of consequence. It’s a cohesive and fully realized collaborative experience that you should lend your ear to. Be sure to support these two dope artists, and follow them in the links below!

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