Last for the February <Family schedule is a chilling elegy performed by @ODDS

   It’s been a helluva month for the Less Than Family gang, kicking off with a huge mixtape release from OLDBOY and De’John Linward on LINNYBOY, followed by a brand new track from Lavier. To round it all out, the last track to drop this month is an intensely unique cut from @ODDS, who I’d describe as a void-poet after catching up with his portfolio. I insist that you check out his work, especially today’s release, Invoke Me, down below!

   The earth itself feels like it’s opening up underfoot on this track, with @ODDS as an incorporeal figure monologuing while you sink. Invoke Me is wildly sinister, with the near-demonic warbling tone in @ODDS voice coaxing you into the darkness as a desolate wasteland soundscape whistles and howls behind you. This track reads like a spoken-word confessional, with sounds rivaling the heavier portions of an album like Flying Lotus’, You’re Dead!. Keep up with @ODDS, he’s cooking up something truly unique here, and I can’t wait to hear more.

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