north takoda delivers smooth summertime vibes on latest track WAVELINES

   There’s no better time than now to catch up with north takoda‘s new music. It’s been a little while since our last entry  (with the swooning synth track, glitter), and from Couch Surfer Fest to a new Twitch streaming channel, they’ve been busy! north takoda‘s latest is timely, bringing non-stop sunshine vibes. Check out WAVELINES right now down below!

   Take a deep breath and imagine the beach. WAVELINES is the soundtrack to your summer daydream. With a rolling percussive progression and floating synth pads, it captures the essence of the waves. Sit back and soak it all in, the synth swell and mellow atmosphere. It’s a fantastic addition to the north takoda portfolio, which you can check out in the links down below! Show some love to an incredible artist and catch what they drop next!

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