glitter, the latest drop from north takoda, is a glowing and dreamy synth-work voyage

   On top of her huge list of infectiously fun original tracks and remixes, glitter adds a wavy vapor-tinged flavor to north takoda‘s stellar portfolio. This latest track comes right after crossing a well deserved milestone, breaking 1 million plays across Soundcloud and Spotify!

   glitter is the kind of track that allows you to drift along it’s swooning ebb and flow. The shimmering synths and immaculate stereo panning deliver a truly hypnotizing experience, balancing twinkling melodic flourishes with a warm 808 bounce that you want to just melt into. north takoda‘s ability to create a cruising, positive vibe shines through on glitter‘s ascending sound palette.

   If you want to keep feelin’ this mellow glow, be sure to keep up with north takoda by clicking the social links down below! While your at it, check out magnetism for more of this signature future beach sound.

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