With Apollyon on the horizon, we’re treated to another Next To Blue single thanks to the folks at Good Society

   Considering how I’ve been given carte blanche over what goes on this blog, you know I been staring at the screen waiting on this album to drop (FYI; it’s Feb 15th). As explained in my last post on the track, Angel Lung ft. Virginia Palms, I’ve been a big fan of everything Next To Blue has cooked up over the years. Check the track right here, via the good people over at Good Society.

   Similar to his approach on Angel Lung, the production prowess from Next To Blue paints a glittering portrait of audible joy. Kiki sounds like sunlight twinkling over a skyward vista, shimmering rays breaking through the clouds. The masterful touches of blissfully glimmering synths met with the gliding 808 dips, fuckin’ *chef’s-kiss*. The open spaces on the arpeggios, the absolute enveloping warmth of the bass, blanketed by angelic cooing vocal cuts with sparing use of trap hi-hat/snare rolls, it’s all baked into this track beautifully.

   If ya dig this track or writeup, check out the last post we wrote on Angel Lung (ft. Virginia Palms) right here. Show some love to Next To Blue (look out for Apollyon, dropping Feb 15th) and Good Society in the links down below!

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