The synth-storyteller, Mythic Creature‘s latest track is a vivacious starlight anthem

   Mythic Creature‘s absolutely what I’d consider an auteur producer, from his artist name, to the categorization of sound-motifs from light to dark, to the adherence to creating sounds reflecting the mythos of his track titles. Mythic Creature recently dropped a single off of the forthcoming SWS Comp (which you can check out here).

   This latest track is on Morpheus, the Greek god of slumber, and it absolutely maintains the theming conventions we’ve come to love from Mythic Creature. Morpheus (Who Loves You More) is vast; it’s an Odyssean track with lullaby lows and absolutely vibrant highs, glistening with silky vocals throughout that complement the ethereal feel of falling asleep into the endless expanse of a dream. With a blend of reverb-y plucks and twinkling keys, leading into ascending synth-blast leads, it’s a journey of a song that washes over you from it’s calmer moments to it’s inspiring heights. Mythic Creature has a vision, and we’re excited to see where that vision takes us. Be sure to check out his other tracks and socials to keep up with these auditory stories down below!

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