Mythic Creature and Goodknight just dropped Clotho (Life), an angelic, ascending soundscape with a future bass flair

   Mythic Creature maintains his vision on this latest collab with Goodknight. If you haven’t heard Mythic Creature‘s music, (including our coverage of his tracks, Kobra and Morpheus) you’d be surprised to hear his dedication to theming and motifs not only in his track names, but also within the sounds he develops on each track. He’s focused on instrumental storytelling through the timelessness of mythology, and with the help of Goodknight, the two join their talents to convey the mythos of Clotho, goddess of creating life/sister of fate. Goodknight‘s been making waves in the scene with his multi-genre approach to singer/songwriter music, and since I discovered him through his original track Incongruent (with Phuture Collective), he’s been on my radar ever since. Catch these two incredible artist’s latest track, Clotho (Life) right now down below!

   Clotho (Life) is the feeling of triumph manifested into sound. It’s a track that is nothing short of a journey, generating the scope of a city in the clouds, rising higher and higher through layers of blaring synths, ascending melodies, and precise percussive accents. If Mythic Creature and Goodknight aimed to tell a story, they succeeded in hitting all of the narrative-beats needed to reinforce it in sound and composition. With curious keys leading into an eruption of bright, gleaming sound, followed by pensive reflection, to a total transformation of the rhythmic ascent, these two artists have created something thoroughly realized a beautiful. Listen to Clotho (Life), and soak in the sound of Mythic Creature and Goodknight breathing life into this gorgeous music. Be sure to follow both artists in the links down below to keep up with what they’ve got comin’ next!

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