morimori marks a new chapter with a declaration on The Return, a brand new expansive, dauntless drum n’ bass track

   morimori is back after a 5-month hiatus with a declarative and aptly named track. The Return marks the end of morimori‘s time off from writing music, setting the next step in his journey by delving into a new genre to add to his robust portfolio of vigorous, radiant soundscapes. He made waves in the scene after debuting on Alter/Ego with his track Washed In Grey in collaboration with Hex Cougar, and since then he’s continued to hone the unmistakable sound palette of bold and resolute synth-blitz-music. Catch morimori‘s return on The Return right now down below!

    This was the first track I worked on following a 4-5 month hiatus, and honestly I was pretty terrified to start writing again. I also never intended to write a dnb song, it kind of just happened. The song started off very tender and hesitant, which is how I was feeling writing after so long. Eventually, I think I gained some more confidence and it became more uplifting and upbeat and as the song progresses, I think it pretty accurately depicts my feelings during the writing process.”                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                        – morimori

   The Return captures an intangible feeling of waking into someplace mythical, playing like a victory-song for otherworldly beings. It’s dreamily melodic intro blooms into a vast, adventurous expanse of colorful sound that’s densely layered with masterful piano keys, hyperdrive synths, and a percussive backbone that all blend into a chromatic explosion of gorgeous noise. The word that keeps coming to mind is “triumph“. It feels like a fiery pump-up track, and it’s inherently uplifting, energizing music. The latter half of the track transforms slightly in a way that starts to build up tension, with minor variations on chords merging with the ascending melodies. It leaves you wanting more, which is exactly what morimori‘s return should do for you. Luckily, you can hit up the links down below for more of his signature synth-blitz-sound, and to keep up with whatever he’s got planned next!

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