Metkovic‘s Cosmic Dust EP is a dreamy jam collection brimming with soulful introspection

  Metković deserves more attention for shining a creative beacon in a sea of saturated future beats. The sound he generates doesn’t fall squarely into a hard-defined genre, be it lofi hip-hop, hifi hip-hop, jazzy, soulful wave-beats, or whatever the next beat driven zeitgeist may be; in a way, Metković has carved out a lane of densely melodic and lush experimentation where many contemporaries call it a day at a 32 bar loop. What sets Metković apart is distinct attention to detail and exquisite instrumentation, creating an uplifting, almost bubbly nature to each song. In this latest EP release, Metković crafts a concise and thoroughly realized reflection of self through immaculate soundscapes and joyous sampling. Check out the Cosmic Dust EP right now down below and get swept away on it’s journey.

   The Cosmic Dust EP carries a perfect balance between accessible and experimental in this wavy beat-driven paradigm Metković‘s generated. The intro track, Memories on Repeat, set the scene with beautifully fabricated vocal chops and panning, layered with trilling flutes and swaying strings, just a taste of what’s to come. It’s followed by a breadth of savvy synth-work and melodic vocal sampling on Lost In Thought, continuing into Staring At The Moon‘s twanging guitars, expansive fluttering synths, and spaciously sparse percussion; there’s layers on layers of incredibly executed creative choices throughout. Metković creates a soundscape that lets you melt into it, forgetting that each building block is unique and intricate, it’s emotive and fulfilling music that under the microscope has an insane amount of moving parts, instruments, sound-effects, and interjections. Go give this EP a listen, get swept away in the light breezy guitar-work of Strum, float on the wave of Buoyant, and reflect with the finale, Those We’ve Lost, right now. Check the links down below to keep up with Metković!

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