Mackwood just dropped an intricate jumble of magnificent sound over on Future Vibes that you won’t wanna miss

   This track crossed my feed the yesterday and I can’t get over it’s spaced out bass and exquisite muffled charm. It’s a switch-up-mix masterpiece condensed into just a few minutes, mind bending and intensely soothing at the same time.

   From it’s stacking intro and subtle melodic arpeggios, to the rapid-fire staccato 808 n’ kicks, to the space-age synths gliding all over the track, it’s a heavy rotation song for any “Future ____” lover of the scene. There’s a level of masterful execution in the brisk tension-to-release on the track, like risers or abrupt cutoffs resolving into unexpectedly beautiful samples and melodies. When that brief saxophone chop cuts in just after the 1 minute mark, OOF, instant goosebumps.

   I’m keeping Mackwood on my radar, this was such a pleasant surprise. Plenty of inspiring music over on their page too, along with the amazing folks featured on Future Vibes. Show ’em some love down below!

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