L*o*J‘s track, Underdog, gets the JKuch treatment leading up to a new remix comp

   L*o*J are figureheads of the experimental bass scene, hands down. They’re a crew that’s spent years carving out their space in the big world of EDM bass, inspiring and changing the game along the way. The duo is now pulling together a team of the heaviest hitters in the digital scene to grace the new remix compilation for their first track of 2021, Underdog. They’ve been teasing tracks for the upcoming comp over the past week, featuring the likes of chromonicci, LYNY, Milano, and that dude JKuch. Check out the remix now down below!

   L*o*J‘s original track radiates a warbling, brooding darkness, emphasizing the low register, providing a grizzly woof characteristic to the samples throughout. JKuch goes for a full-on transformation, choosing to make Underdog shine bright. The woof is carried over, laid on top of vast melodies and an electronica overture. It’s cinematic in presentation, it’s massive, and it highlights JKuch‘s prowess in morphing a track into his own while reflecting what made the original great. Be sure to support L*o*J, JKuch, and all the amazing artists on the upcoming remix album in links down below.

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