The prolific multi-genre bass duo, L*o*J, is back and teaming up with FUXWITHIT to deliver a heavy, mystic bass experience with Supersonic

   It should go without saying, L*o*J is a staple in the underground bass scene. They’ve contributed to nurturing a community of experimental bass artists going back years, collaborating with countless artists in the scene, to the point where you’d have a harder time finding a label or collective they haven’t worked with. I’ve got vivid memories of going down the experimental wormhole, where minds like Mo Vibez, rage logic, Jon Casey, Dabow, and so many more producers were weaving new sounds left n’ right; through all of the reposts, shares, and collabs, L*o*J shined as binding force in the ever evolving web of experimental bass music.

   They’ve been busy since our last feature on ’em with JKuch’s remix of Underdog, scoring releases on KUMO Collective with the psychedelic Fight Again, with Slow Roast Records‘ feature of Fortuna, as well as their self-release of the mind-melting DATA EP. Their latest track is a return to their roots, and you can catch it down below and with the fine folks at FUXWITHIT right now!

“So ‘Supersonic’ was written beginning 2021. We actually decided to go back to the L*o*J roots when we started with this project. This is more L*o*J in 2015. We were in a very tribal mood that night and we started to dig through ancient vocals/flutes and tribal/exotic sounds. The idea of that song was to bring people into a certain state where they feel like they’re in an ancient fantasy jungle/desert. Ancient historical flutes and singing with a touch of heavy futuristic elements and basslines combined in a beat describes almost exactly what we think would exist as a music form in places like Naboo or Pandora.”      – L*o*J

   L*o*J does what they do best on Supersonic, generating a massive sound palette that transforms into an electrically charged, cinematic experience. With it’s heavy emphasis on timeless instrumentation, from wispy flutes, to swaying strings, to fiery tribal percussion, the track creates a juxtaposition of ancient and futuristic sounds in an unforgettable whirlwind of bass experimentation. With L*o*J‘s signature zippy, whipping synths stabs, the energy builds and maintains an all-time high as an atmosphere of mystic serenity floats above heavy bass layers of growls and plucks. It’s a banger, and it lands perfectly among the growing portfolio of FUXWITHIT‘s label. Be sure to keep up with L*o*J and FUXWITHIT by clicking the links down below to never miss what they’ve got cookin’ next!

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