L’Homie unveils the first track off his brand new EP [DRIFT] with LA grime rapper, 3i JOE

Psychedelic Groove is the newest booming bass groove from L’Homie, the prodigious producer hailing from Los Angeles, who’s been featured on extensive label collectives like Playitlouder, more creativity records, Phuture Collective, and many more. Coming off of the success of his latest EP [It Feels Good To Be Dead], L’Homie is returning to take on heavier elements of electronica while retaining his signature wide n’ wonky bass synthesis with producer friends, new and old. Expect to see features from Icon Collective‘s own, Gallium and Entza, and American grime rapper 3i JOE when the EP drops today.

This latest track is an extension of L’Homie’s breadth of bass knowledge, condensed into a hard-hitting, and tight techno inspired tune.

Psychedelic Groove is a melodic assault of the senses, an icy cavernous explosion of arpeggiated synth stalactites over a laser bass chasm, with 3i JOE cutting through the bass chaos with his essential grime flow. Laying down bars like a psychonaut space man straight from the moon, 3i JOE ties down the techno-grime fusion like the stars aligned just for the track. L’Homie’s unmistakable low-end synth chemistry permeates through this sonic space, and we can’t get enough of this vacuous dark energy. Be sure to keep up with whatever L’Homie is up to next, and follow his social’s down below.

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