Less Than Family has a stacked release schedule for February, with events and premieres you don’t wanna miss

   FROM THE TOP, if you don’t know about Less Than Family, they’re a remarkable collective of east coast artists that have been creating an array of future hip-hop beats and experimental electronica since their start in North Carolina over 4 years ago. With a roster featuring the likes of geethanksmister, Lacy, SIIDS, Musashi Xero, and many other producers, rappers, and collaborators, they’re a group to keep on your radar for new n’ rising artists, many of whom have been featured in past SWS live shows and blog posts.

   The first drop comes in the form of a listening party followed by the premiere of a new mixtape from Greensboro NC beatsmith, OLDBOY, and RVA rapper De’John Linwood, presenting their collaboration on LINNYBOY.

   OLDBOY production is straight up butter. If you haven’t caught his beat tapes over the years, you’ve been missing a goldmine of Madlib-flavored SP404 chops n’ sampling, brimming with soulful boom-bap swing. [Click here to see ’em in action on OLDBOY’s twitter]. I was hooked when his Seasoning tape dropped early last year, check it out below.

   With De’John Linward on the beat, we’re in for a hell of a mixtape. De’John‘s a word weaver with a vigorous drive and emotive flow, like on his latest track JUUGABLE PLANETS, where he gives homage to the greats of alternative 90’s rap. Check it out below, and lookout for the listening party, this Sunday Feb. 7th over on the >Family discord.

   I’ve covered Lavier‘s latest mixtapes with more creativity records, first on the ethereal, evocatively melodic Dead Weight EP, and with his latest work on the blissfully dark n’ heavy Blessings Pt. II EP. He’s the next one on the schedule to unveil a brand new single, “Moving”, out on February 11th. His most recent premiere was with the NC bass collective, RSO Recordings, called Gutter on the Lift Off comp, check it out below.

   Last up on this month’s timetable is @ODDS, rapper & producer, comin’ out with a fresh single, “Invoke Me“, on Feb. 22nd. @ODDS crafts these haunting hip-hip beat flips with adept intonation and flow, like on his most recent track, Low Hanging Fruit. Check it out right here, and follow to catch his next premiere.

   All these artists can be found in the social links below, and the listening party + future events can be found through linktr.ee/lessthanfamily. Much love to >Fam, we’ll be following up on these tracks in the future.

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