Lavier is back, showcasing a serene and soaring shakeup of his signature sound on the latest track & VinylDigital exclusive, Wash

   Lavier‘s latest is a testament to his evolving sound reaching new heights, where his layering percussion and expansive synthesis are the star. Since the last couple of features we’ve covered including his recent track, Moving, to the Dead Weight EP, to the masterful Blessings Pt. II EP, Lavier has showcased his journey and artistic growth over clattering, shambling drums and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes. VinylDigital is comin’ through with this track exclusive, Wash, where we can hear Lavier‘s newest original music. Check it out now down below!

   “Though lately I’ve been progressing in a heavier direction with my music, much of my very first Lavier releases fell into the future beats/chill realm. “Wash” revisits a lot of the more emotional and melodic elements found in my earlier releases, but with a bit more oomph than folks may have heard from me in those tracks. I’m really pleased with how this blend worked out and hope that folks who check it out will enjoy as well.” – Lavier

   Wash is an apt title for this dreamy, mellow bass track. With it’s unmistakable Lavier drum beat, filled with shaky hats and thumping bass drum, to the rounded synth-bass melodies and outer space synth pads, the track feels like an ethereal serenity is trickling, washing over you. It’s a perfect balance of driving rhythm and melodic bliss, and an amazing new track in the Lavier portfolio. Be sure to click the links down below to catch what Lavier cooks up new, and big shoutout to the folks at VinylDigital for the premiere.

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