Lavier is back with the Undine EP, a pensive collection of meditative experimental bass

   Lavier‘s had a hell of a year, on a hot-streak of back to back track releases, collaborations, features, and EPs. From his most recent collab with KirbyBright on Nice, to his VinylDigital exclusive, Wash, to his featured track, Are U Alright over on More Creativity Records, we’ve been blessed (like with Blessings Pt. II EP) with nonstop premium Lavier-content. His latest batch of atmospheric, experimental bass tracks is the Undine EP, released on Asheville NC’s own The Undergrowth collective, with a track even premiering on the multimedia platform, Background Noise. You can catch the EP right now down below!

   The Undine EP kicks off with dreamy ascending melodies complemented by warm bass guitar plucks on Ease. The intro is peaceful, tranquil, and it builds into a lush composition of synth pad swells and deepening electronic bass. It’s a sound that Lavier has expertly pioneered, where he’s generating a soundscape of semi-gothic serenity that is simultaneously dark, yet blissful. Keen continues with a curious tone where wavering synths play over a hypnotic bass loop that’s met by punchy percussion and skittering clicks. It leads into the EP’s finale, Trudge, immediately descending to the atmospheric depths of Lavier‘s sound palette. Sub bass reigns, as the melodies cascade over sparse percussion; The constant heat of the low-end rumbles as cinematic klaxon-like horns blat ominously toward the foreground. The end of Trudge is a wild ride as the bass morphs into a wonky, discordant crescendo before cutting to a foreboding fade-out. It’s prime Lavier-material, and absolutely worth a listen. Click on the links down below to catch more from Lavier, and hit him up for his killer graphic designs over on 

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