Future Jazz/hip-hop influenced musician Dylan Evans, also known as Lavier, is part of North Carolina’s underground electronic music scene. Dylan’s track, “Oof” pushes against the competitive standard of hard music and embraces a more personal and emotional appeal with the use of “lush chords, pretty melodies, and an overall minimalist approach.”as Lavier described in a brief SWS interview. When asked about this track Lavier stated,

This song is one of a few attempts (along with my other past two releases) to reconnect with an emotional aspect that was once very present in my music, but also to maintain the crisp standard of production I felt like I was reaching for when I was trying to cultivate that darker sound. “

Along with Sine Wave Surfers, you can find Lavier collaborating with Less Than Family (a record label that’s part of the east coast electronic music scene) and The Undergrowth (a conscious collective movement in Asheville, NC)

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