Lavier premieres a wonky jam with new track, Moving

   The latest drop from the Less Than Family schedule comes from Lavier, producer-extraordinaire, creator of hauntingly beautiful soundscapes, melodic n’ moody beats, and cataclysmic bass cacophonies. Creator of works like the Dead Weight EP and Blessings Pt. II EP with more creativity records, collaborator with NC’s RSO Records, as well as a recipient of a NEST HQ premiere, Lavier‘s built an impressive catalog of originals as well as rapport throughout the years, and he’s self-released a brand new track, Moving, that you can listen to right now down below!

   Moving is true to it’s namesake, as the audio is a Rube-Goldberg machine of cascading pieces. The track builds on a warbling, wonky trailing synth on top of a tight groove, until it boils over into a spacious, massive soundscape with punchy bass blaps. More and more parts get seamlessly stacked onto Moving, building pressure, then opening up in a gloriously clean explosion of sound. Lavier doesn’t miss, once again, so make sure to check out his tracks and profiles in the social links below.

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