The <FAMILY heavyweight, Lavier, drops his latest mixtape, a drifting, ethereal experience (via more creativity records)

Lavier, the sound-smith savant and major Sine Wave Surfer collaborator delivers a fully fluid, contiguous assortment of brand new tracks on this full mixtape release via more creativity records.

Dead Weight EP conveys a real drifting, moody state of mind. It’s a dreamy, spacious, and cavernous expanse of layered instrumentation, from luscious piano chords, smooth saxy samples, to distant driving guitar leads. Lavier shines with masterful percussive tones, tuned and pitched shakers, clambering kicks and snares, and metallic dings and clangs that are absolutely magnetic. Warbling synth pads croon over grooving bass lines, and synthetic clicks and glitches are wrangled into a cohesive audio experience that you absolutely should not sleep on. Check out the entire mixtape above on more creativity records, and be sure to catch the singles dropping each Monday on Lavier‘s page.

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