Lavier‘s signature grit radiates through this new EP, premiering with more creativity records

Blessings Pt. II is the latest Lavier collection of beautifully composed, dark experimental electronica. With four brand new hits and a feature by geethanksmister (of the <Family squad), it’s his best EP yet. The minimix dropped over a week ago through more creativity records right here-

   Funeral kicks off the EP with a thesis statement, an appetizer of what’s to come. It encapsulates Lavier‘s sound palette through compositional beauty and tenebrous sound design. Lavier captures the funerary motif with lightly trailing piano keys becoming eclipsed by undulating waves of ominous bass tones, blending seamlessly into the next track.

   Flea Bag w/ geethanksmister picks up with a euphoric rising sequence that is struck down by an absolutely sinister synth bass run, scuttling, crawling up and down the scale. A brief respite of choral chants enhances the sort of spiritual, temple-like vibe right before another slicing polyrhythmic descent. Every kick/808 bucks like a gut punch on a bed of primordial synth ooze.

   Elsewhere continues with a foreboding timbre that’s curious and erratic. An ascending echo bookends the track, sinking in the sludge and then ascending at the end. The rolling bass clangs like it’s pulsing from deep within a metallic cave, with some malevolent entity hammering its subterranean core.

   The finale is Cry Baby- to be released as a single later next week, and it’s a straight colossal closer to the EP. Yeah it’s a banger, and there’s more to it than what you hear in the minimix (ya gotta wait for the whole track, sorry!). Lasers and void sounds and shit, real brain scrambler type beat. But really, it shows Lavier’s precision at juggling a low end melody with concussive percussion, and how impactful his grasp of atmosphere affects the entire EP.

   Head over to Lavier‘s page to catch that last single, dropping later this week. If ya dig what you heard, check out our write-up on Lavier‘s previous Dead Weight EP here. Special thanks to more creativity records, and Lavier for the .wavs and fine tunes.

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