more creativity records presents Are U Alright, a dense and dreamy new track from the one and only Lavier 

   more creativity records is becoming the new face of experimental bass broadcasting. With a consistent release schedule of non-stop bangers by up and coming artists, they continuously uplift incredible producers that deserve a voice to back’em up. A few weeks back we featured a writeup on a massive bass collab by MontyCler x KNOWFACE, and you already know we’ve been covering anything and everything Lavier, from his recent single Moving, to his two EP’s, Blessings Pt. II  & Dead Weight, both of which premiered through none other than more creativity records. Both have proven time n’ time again that they got the ear for top quality. The dream-team, Lavier & MCR just dropped Are U Alright, and you can catch it right now down below!

   Are U Alright is another piece of Lavier‘s sonic tapestry, with a totally unique sound that still captures the precision synthesis so definitive to his music portfolio. Beginning with a persistent and dreamily descending organ-lead, the track shifts into a densely percussive beats clouded in a hazy soundscape of shimmying shakers and twinkling keys. It’s coated in a drifting layer of resonant, floating brightness that’s grounded by a buzzing bassline, adding a gritty touch while shimmering in tandem with the ethereal melodies gliding above. I never know what Lavier will do next, and every track, EP, or collaboration reveals another insight into the wide array of sound he’s capable of developing.

   You should be following Lavier to hear what that next sound will be, as well as the fine folks of more creativity records who hold up the megaphone. Check both of ’em out in the social links down below to keep up!

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