Kritik Boi presents us with an exercise in future-beat perfection, teaming up with Mindsoup for a brand new EP, In Good Time

   It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be a part of this pocket of the internet; being surrounded by positive vibes and finding others that spend their time putting in work to be the metaphoric megaphone for the underground. In a year where parasocial interactions are more prevalent than ever from being stuck inside, witnessing other teams/squads/collectives muster up the energy to keep on pioneering, keep the music playing no matter what, well, it’s invigorating. These folks honestly keep this blog running! Enter: Mindsoup. The radio show, collective, label, platform-extraordinaire; they’ve been goin’ strong. And they’re latest feature with Kritik Boi is some of the most well-crafted, groovin’ sounds I’ve heard in a long time. Check out Kritik Boi‘s new EP, In Good Time, right now below!

   That feeling I got from the Soundcloud “golden age” has been a fleeting memory for a while now. Back when new kids with new sounds were changing the fabric of the online-underground, before Soulection blew up, when I’d hear a new Carmack, or Cavalier, Madbliss, DrewsThatDude, or Lege Kale track back in like, 2014 or somethin’. This Kritik Boi EP condensed that feeling, that sound, the samples, I felt like I was hearing that time over again. Jazzy chops, woozy melodies, that anthemic Chuuwee feature, DAMN. This music landed a vibe that I yearned for and I don’t just yearn for nothin’. From Anyways‘ groovy drum breaks and soul samples, to the ghostly leads and favela-trap flair of Doubt, all the way to the finale on Gains, I was on a journey. I can’t recommend this EP enough, especially if you’ve been around the scene long enough. Show some love to the folks at Mindsoup for broadcasting non-stop hits, and to Kritik Boi for delivering ’em down below!

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