Veteran London Producer, King Peanuts, demonstrates his creative reach in this newly dropped track titled, “Got It.” This song is a vibrant blend of knocking 808’s, and features an eccentric ‘afro-bounce’ twist ending. Hugo Da Silva, or KP,  has been producing for 14 years in the underground UK electronica scene. Throughout the years, he’s brilliantly continued to reinvent his style of sound to keep fans engaged and wanting more. KP commented in the exclusive SWS interview, “(For- Got It) The message is to put the idea of something together that sounds very future , but at the same time has some vintage feeling. I love to sample vinyl records and use small bits into my music, and in that detail it makes my tracks sound very specific. The title comes from that experience, and I always try to make music that will transmit some feeling to the public. Every track I make is a part of my life history, so I hope my fans can feel the music, as I do.” In a music world where EDM can sound over-used and over-saturated, KP is developing a signature sound design for himself that stands a cut above the rest. Fans can anticipate a new album coming out called “Intuition” this fall, along with new tunes from his very own label, ‘I AM SO HIGH RECORDS.’

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