KirbyBright and Lavier team up on wonky experimental bass track, Nice

   The beautiful thing about deep cut experimental music is it’s lack of defined boundaries, allowing artists of different stripes to come together with unique talents to build convergent sounds. Two NC hailing bass hitters come together on this brand new collaboration, KirbyBright and Lavier, bringing their own motifs and influences to the production table. 

   KirbyBright‘s been cookin’ everything from lofi, to drum n’ bass, to some of the gnarliest experimental bass music that’s gotten attention from NC staple, The Undergrowth, as well as DC’s the Gradient Perspective. He’s got dope collaborations that convey the wide variety of production he’s got down all over his Cloud That I’m On EP, as well the insane remix album for his track with Murkury, When That, showcasing talented artists’ spin on his sound. You can catch a live set from him on 10/16 at The Blackbox for the Undergrowth Invasion tour!

   Our dude Lavier just had a recent exclusive on VinylDigital with Wash, as well as plenty of singles and features we’ve covered on the blog before (like Are U Alright, Moving). He’s got a ton of shows on the horizon with sets comin’ up like at THE UNDRGRND 10/28, opening at Your Allure Presents: The Widdler & Chief Kaya on 10/29, and another set at the Thunderbird Music hall with Seppa on 11/17.

   Both artists have injected their signature sound on this brand new track, Nice, that you can check out down below!

    Nice…nice…NICE starts out bouncy, wavy, n’ playful before dropping into a crushing bass break that doesn’t let up. The vocal sampling bridges the bass grooves, modulating and morphing over the course of the track, with the guttural, plunging bass in the spotlight. You catch bits of each artist’s influence on the track, with cruising, mellow finger-snaps and sparse percussion allowing the deep sub synthesis to take the foreground, transforming from a wonky bounce to a churning mechanical grit. It’s a blast of a bass track, and a welcome collaboration from KirbyBright and Lavier. These two are doin’ big things in the bass world, so make sure to hit the links below to follow what they got goin’ next!

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