If you’ve been following Sine Wave Surfers these past few months, you know that kayoti has been making big moves. He’s out here, sharing samples that built his quintessential future bass style.

-and you don’t have to wait! It’s out right now. Synths, drums, basses, one-shots, loops, it’s all right here. If you’re unfamiliar with the breadth of work that kayoti‘s dropped, catch a glimpse of the massive synths that fuel his incomparable style below with crystal clouds.

kayoti was also featured on the Night Swim Radio compilation mentioned in the most recent post,[Music to Call Home Vol. 4], where he dropped Layback. An uniquely kayoti-style track of huge synths made mad chill.

kayoti joins the likes of DJ ReallyRyan, Ross Walters, Morasso, electrobro, all on our current sample pack roster, with more artist selections on the horizon. Buying a sample pack means your supporting kayoti financially, and bulking up your own sample library with dope new sounds. It’s out right now on swspacks.com!

Support kayoti below: