Kayoti brings a new groove to the forthcoming Sine Wave Surfers Compilation with Aurora

   We’re real excited about the upcoming Growth Comp; we’ve dropped some teasers from Pirlew, Mythic Creature, and Dear Elvira x electrobro already on the docket. Here’s one of my absolute favorite artists, the non-stop wavemaker, interstellar synth-boi, Kayoti, who’s graced the comp with a new track. Check out Aurora down below!

   Ah Aurora, it’s got all the dreamy, shimmering sound design that exudes the Kayoti-style. He’s got the chops, taking blippy synths and tons of unique samples and fusing them into a bouncy, infectiously danceable track. Kayoti‘s synthesis is always huge, with vast swells, encompassing pads, and rounded sub bass like butter. Big shoutout to Kayoti for joining the comp; if ya haven’t already, you should check out his tracks in the social links down below, or take a read of one of his previous tracks (like cosmic bounce) on the blog!

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